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Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (COAM)!

Childhood Obesity Awareness Month recognizes the serious threat obesity poses to the health of America’s children and the importance of decreasing its prevalence in Virginia and across the United States

Obesity is an epidemic that affects more than one in four Virginia high school students. Children who are overweight or obese are at risk for serious health consequences such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and stroke – diseases previously seen only in adults.

COAM encourages parents, healthcare professionals, teachers and organizations to engage in activites that prevent childhood obesity and promote awareness in their communities.

Get involved and spread the message of Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

This September join VFHY in recognizing Childhood Obesity Awareness month. This is a great opportunity to build awareness and take action in your community, schools and at home!

Here are examples of how you can make a difference:


Children School Educators

Make a commitment as a family to live an active and healthy lifestyle


Get your kids involved in planning and cooking healthy meals


Keep fresh fruit and vegetables within reach for easy access


Visit your local farmers' market


Plant a  garden


Limit family screen time


Help plant a community garden


Stay hydrated by drinking water and limiting sugary drinks


Play!  Find ways to be active everyday.


Eat a rainbow of colors for fruits and vegetables


Get outdoors and take advantage of the local parks


Go on family walks after dinner


Create active school days, add movement into your lesson plan


Start a Farm to School program


Host a Walk to School Day


Plant a school garden


Participate in your school health advisory board


Take breaks throughout the day and encourage students to stretch



Social Media is a great resource to help spread the word about Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. 

Here are some ideas and resources to help educate and increase awareness about COAM!

  • Use hashtags #ChildObesity or #COAM on Twitter and Facebook to share how you are promoting healthy eating and physical activity in your school or community

  • Use Facebook to let your friends know that September is Childhood Obesity Awareness month

  • Change your profile picture or cover photo and use a COAM photo like the one below

  • Download and share the infographics below and post them throughout September on any social media site


Childhood obesity month Facebook cover photo


Download and Share!

Be Active graphic high school activity graphic Eat Right graphic
Laugh Live Love graphic soda graphic  Michelle Obama quote
high school obesity graphic  Vilsack obesity quote Dwayne Johnson quote
First Lady of Virginia graphic    


High School Obesity Stats